GSR · Gsm Smart Router Lite

A communications device that responds to the demands of the sector

Adapted to the needs
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GSR GSM Smart Router Lite is a communications device specially designed for the lifting industry and IoT networks. The device integrates 4G connectivity and wifi with the purpose of converting the elevator into an Internet device putting the main focus on telemetry and remote control; having achieved integration with the net4machines Smart Control platform, as well as multi-brand compatibility with major manufacturers of maneuvers or elevators.

It has been created as an alternative to GSR GSM Smart Router for a market where not as many applications are needed as those that its predecessor offers and with a different interface. Its performance means a reduction of costs without compromising its quality and technological innovation, being a product clearly oriented towards data.

Benefits of
GSR Lite

GSR GSM Smart Router Lite has five Ethernet ports and a USB port through which connections are made with the maneuver, without analog telephony and battery functions.

As for its operation, the main application of the device is based on a Linux operating system and has Obelisk software. With a quick setup, it stands out for its ease of use.

Contents of the box

      • GSR GSM Smart Router. Lite
      • Power supply
      • Mobile network antennas
      • Antennas Wifi

Comparative table

Compare all the features and technical features of our GSR Gsm Smart Router and GSR Gsm Smart Router Lite products, and choose the device that best suits your business needs.

Versatility of
GSR Lite

GSR Lite is a versatile tool that can be applied to any industry sector looking for IoT solutions. It acts as a communications hub, being able to provide connectivity to other devices as well as communicate with industrial machinery / machines through different interfaces (RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN…). Secure communications take place through the net4machines VPN and the device is able to communicate with external services through APIs or industry standard protocols such as MQTT. Contact our commercial/ project team to analyze your case and prepare a customized solution.

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