Industrial sector

Intelligent connectivity applied to the industrial sector

Towards a more innovative and efficient 4.0 industry

The transversality of the IoT allows us to offer solutions to different verticals within the industrial sector. At Nayar we provide connectivity, intelligence and communicative capacity to devices with analog operation with the aim of improving their efficiency and productivity, allowing greater control by the user and lengthening, in this way, its useful life providing you with a plus of technology, connectivity and innovation.

Integrating technology solutions into such a broad sector is a big step in global digitalization, where data is the main asset for companies. With the incorporation of the industrial sector into our field of action we can take advantage of all our acquired knowledge and the success of our developments to create „Smart Machines“ devices with new functionalities: intelligent storage, predictive and remote maintenance, resource optimization, connected logistics or data monitoring, among others.

Industrial IoT added value for businesses

The main application of the device is based on a Linux operating system adjusted to the needs of the product. The code is 100% owned by Nayar, allowing great flexibility to customize the use of GSR Gsm Smart Router thanks to its open source.

Supply of Smart features to products

Contracting our services means making available to the product all our expertise, knowledge, and technological and business know-how to equip them with Smart qualities.

Optimized productivity and operational excellence

The performance of smart devices is higher, costs are saved and a more efficient use of resources is promoted, including communication between machines without human intervention.

Reduced operational failures and increased security

Predictive maintenance provides the ability to detect breakdowns before they occur, providing safer conditions for workers and users.

Greater control devices and more connected people

Smart devices make it easier for people and machines to make valuable decisions and to connect more closely to their environment, allowing remote operation and support of objects.

Scalability and flexibility

The IoT applied to the industrial sector allows constant improvements and the adaptation of the same solution to different vertical sectors or areas of the company.

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