Access control

Nearkey is the first development carried out in Nayar Garage, the innovative department of the company. It is an accesses control device mainly used to activate electric doors, buttons and elevators’ keypad using the Smartphone and the Bluetooth technology.

Nearkey is the combination of a physical device, a mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and an online platform for users and groups management. Nearkey is convenient and easy to use, it allows access to the facilities from the same app and without the need of owning keys or remotes. Also, administrators have control over the accesses knowing who has acceded.

The systems generate non-transferable access keys ensuring maximum security in the facilities. Moreover, it works without Wi-Fi or internet connectivity and without nullifying other activation systems.


  • Elevators
  • Garages
  • Electric doors
  • Restricted traffic zones
  • Offices
  • Private residences


  • Maximum access security
  • Secure connectivity using asymmetric cryptography
  • Opening systems without keys or remotes
  • Works without connectivity
  • Non-transferable virtual access keys
  • Access permission management on the cloud
  • Date and hour access restrictions
  • App available for iOS and Android
  • Multiplatform device
Nearkey English


Download the Nearkey app from Nayar