Nayar Systems,
the IoT of elevation

Nayar Systems is a telecommunications engineering company with 100% Spanish capital, and a management model based on innovation and quality. Our firm commitment to investment in new technological developments has enabled us to expand both nationally and internationally.

Focused on the elevation sector and the industrial Internet of things, we are characterized by a high degree of integration. Our business model allows us to carry out all phases of the process of creation and development of products, offering solutions that result in complementary services to each other.

The Internet of things conceives the technological interconnection as a reality and from Nayar Systems we make this tool without limits. Experts in offering solutions in industrial IoT, we are an ally for companies to achieve operational excellence, transforming the data of the facilities into information understandable to the user, working for the accessibility of knowledge and dissemination of technology.

Corporate Identity


We create agile and competitive IoT solutions to support our customers in their technological evolution, from our expert knowledge in elevators and industrial systems.


We will be a benchmark of the IoT sector in the elevator, consolidating our presence in Europe and China; offering quality IoT products and services, simple and complex integration projects; focusing our expert and motivated team; and developing strategic agreements or trade relations with third parties to provide us with other key skills.

Nayar Systems Building

In Nayar Systems we dream in sharing our technological knowledge to work for a common good. In 2019 we opened our new offices. 2,000 m² dedicated to research, innovation, connectivity and talent. A dream whose ambition has made it comes true.

What we offer
Advertisim Glass
GSR Lite
net4machines Smart Control
net4machines VPN
Virtual Control Cop
Nayar Switch
Nayar Systems Logo
Nayar Systems Logo

We make the ordinary something extraordinary.
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We make the ordinary something extraordinary.
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