net4machines Smart Control

net4machines Smart Control

An industrial plant generates a lot of data through its components, which with the appropriate processing can be converted into valuable information for objective and efficient decision-making. net4machines Smart Control enables its clients to receive the data generated, processed, filtered and transformed into information by their facilities. Furthermore supplementary, the user is given the possibility not only to be a receiver, he can also interact with the system by remotely controlling the controls via virtual consoles.

The net4machines Smart Control platform by Nayar is constantly updated with new functionalities that allow the user to have all the information in a simple, autonomous, and accessible form, and to have the disposal all the benefits of the remotely managed elevator. The following is a breakdown by the different areas of the platform.

General view

The user can create his own overview of the installation park, displaying the alarms generated by the devices, the various alerts generated by the devices, the different types of elements that make up the park and even their geographical location of the same can be displayed.


The area where all facilities are located, all the equipment and from where the user can interact with the elements of the installation. It is the location of the telemetry and remote control of the connected devices. In this area, the user can access the following: obtain information in real time, configure his equipment and load the consoles of the remote controllers. Likewise, all events and warnings generated by these connected devices can be checked and processed. Telemetry data and their events (currently it is possible to view them in table mode and zoom into the graphs) can be found in the “notifications and alerts” area of this section.

Nayar-26 (instalaciones-consola)
Nayar-27 (instalaciones-consola)
Nayar-38 (instalaciones)
Nayar-39 (instalaciones-consola)
Real time

Thanks to this functionality, the user has at a glance the information about all his installations and the real time of all connected lifts.

Nayar-43 (tiempo real)
Nayar-40 (tiempo real)

In this area, the user configures the notifications they can receive either by email, in the app or by http post.
User Management

In this area, users, sub-users, groups, and personalized permissions can be managed, and an overview of the actions performed by these users on the platform can also be obtained.


This is the link to all the online manuals for our products that are uploaded via the Manula tool.

The net4machines Smart Control platform includes advanced personalisation of the devices through templates. This enables quick configuration of the connected elements and commissioning in a few minutes.