Lifting sector

We lead the technological transformation of the lifting sector

We lead the
technological transformation

We will first need a transmission medium that allows us to connect the machine to the user. GSR Gsm Smart Router will be the hardware in charge.

We will also need a VPN for data transmission to be done securely, a private network offered by net4machines.

The next step will be to process that data into information, and for that we will need to know its origin. We will achieve this through the telemetry service of net4machines Smart Control offered by the online management platform of Nayar. net4machines Smart Control also includes a remote control service that allows you to control and configure compatible elevator maneuvers (virtual console) without having to do it on site in each of the facilities. A two-way communication that enables the user to gain more extensive knowledge and significantly reduce the number of displacements.

The emergency system is another measurable aspect in an elevator. 72hours enables installations to comply with European standard EN 81-28 by providing a telephone line from which the passenger can make use in an emergency, and allowing the elevator technician to have visibility of the installation at all times through 72hours Manager.

In an elevator we find other elements, such as screens that transmit information. Advertisim is the first device on the market with real-time connectivity capable of displaying elevator information and advertising content, with centralized remote management on a platform, thus improving the passenger experience.

Benefits of using the
Nayar technology

Absolute safety of the passenger in the use of the elevator
Universal accessibility and inclusion
Comfort and access control
Flexibility and adaptability of cross-platform services
Objective, reliable and unlimited exchange of information
Increased competitiveness due to reduced process time and costs
Increased satisfaction and user experience in the cabin
Maximum adaptation and strict compliance with current regulations
Maximum efficiency in the diagnosis of breakdowns and maintenance

Technology solutions
for the lifting sector
Advertisim Glass
GSR Lite
net4machines Smart Control
net4machines VPN
Virtual Control Cop
Nayar Switch

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