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21 June, 2024
Nayar offers you easy-to-install technological solutions so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, saving time and complying with the standard.

The AEM 1 “Elevators” Complementary Technical Instruction, which was approved on April 2nd, comes into force on Monday, July 1st.

At Nayar we have prepared four specific product solutions that are essential to ensure adequate compliance with regulations, which allow very fast installations, thus providing considerable time savings for elevator companies.


Two-way communication in the cabin. Rescue of trapped users.

Focusing on one of the measures, specifically, the one aimed at “Two-way communication in the cabin. Rescue of trapped users”, on which Nayar has a direct influence, it is worth remembering that it will be compulsory for all lifts that do not have a two-way communication system to incorporate a two-way communication device that guarantees that trapped users can call for help at any time from a rescue centre. This system must be accessible to people with physical disabilities in accordance with the disability categories considered in Annex B of the UNE 81-70 standard.  It shall be installed within one year of the first periodic inspection in which its absence is detected.


Nayar solutions for the new ITC

At Nayar we have prepared four specific product solutions that will allow you to comply with the two-way communication measure in the cabin. These are the following:

  • Surface Solution (Helpy GSM + Inox Helpy): This solution combines the functionality of GSM and bidirectional communication system. It provides different connection and audio installation options, in cabin roof or machine room and up to duplex installations. It is ideal for installations where a surface-mounted push button is required and is very quick to install.
  • Car Roof Solution (3bymesa): This solution is designed to comply with the new ITC (ITC-AEM 1) by means of GSM device in cabin ceiling, with easy installation. With a compact size and completely automatic configuration thanks to its integration in the 72horas’ system, it provides high reliability and the possibility of adapting to any installation.
  • Machine Room Solution (Esse-ti 500 + Helpy 600): This solution is designed to comply with the new ITC (ITC-AEM 1) by means of GSM device, enabled for voice and data connections and interconnected with the 72horas cloud. It complies with the EN81-28 standard. It has battery control and remote programming by SMS. The device is equipped with 72horas’ firmware. Signalling LEDs for alarm sent / alarm received / operating status, alarm button and reset button.
  • IoT Solution (GSR + Helpy 600): Specially designed for lifts, elevators and IoT networks. This solution is designed to comply with the new ITC (ITC-AEM 1) and take full advantage of Nayar’s IoT technology, being able to have bidirectional, telemetry and remote control in a single application.

Would you like to obtain more detailed information about the solutions that we offer at Nayar to facilitate compliance with the complementary technical instruction ITC-AEM 1 in force from July 1st? Visit Nayar Store or contact us: / +34 964 066 995.