We respond to your challenges and
technological needs

One of our maxims is to respond, in an efficient way, to the needs of our clients and to the technological challenges they face in their evolution as a company, offering solutions beyond the purchase of a standard product or service.

We have in our team more than 30 fully qualified and dedicated hardware, software and communications engineers dedicated to IoT innovation that offer our customers development, customization, systems and device integration services and even tailor-made solutions.

Front End Development

Back End Development and Integrations

Development of embedded systems

Prototype and hardware design

We work with our own products as well as with customer or third-party solutions to solve the customer’s need optimally and obtain the best results. We also collaborate with our clients to provide high value-added responses in competitions and bidding processes.

Our method

Step 1.


The customer conveys his need to us and
we study its technical, operational and economic feasibility.

Step 2.

Collaborative proposal

We prepare the proposal and include the work plan, the necessary resources and the expected results.

Step 3.


The process begins with a launch meeting, continues with the execution and delivery of the accepted project, and ends with the acceptance of the results by the client.

Step 4.

Support and maintenance

We offer customer support in everything necessary for the solution to deliver the best possible results.

Typology of projects

In our experience in the development of IoT projects we have a remarkable number of success stories that we categorize into three types: On the one hand, the customization of our products and solutions; on the other, different integration services; and, finally, data exploitation projects.


We customize our products and solutions as much as required, from a software and hardware point of view, to respond to the needs of our customers, so that the product can be marketed or distributed by our customers as if it were their own.


We carry out projects of integration of devices and IoT platforms to improve the connectivity and compatibility between different technologies. For example, integration of GSR with different maneuvers, devices or sensors; adaptation of the MQTT protocol of GSR to its needs, integration of the n4m platform with IoT platforms of the client; etc.

Data exploitation

We make available to customers the data they request in the format they request, either for use on their operational platforms or on their predictive maintenance platforms. We can perform the application of artificial intelligence algorithms to respond to the need of our clients.

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