Large format multimedia communication

Multimedia communication
in public spaces

They are multimedia communication devices and large-format digital signage created for installations in public spaces and high-traffic locations. However, it should be noted at the level of integrability that, unlike the Advertisim screens, it has been achieved that the indicators also admit and show sources of external information, that is, not from the Manager.

Advertisim device

These screens use the Advertisim system, which allows them to cover the information, security and accessibility needs of the user in the public space. This applies both to questions relating to the installation of the operation in which it is implemented and to information of general interest to be transmitted: news, meteorological information, advertisements, etc. All this can be programmed and updated immediately from the online content manager of Advertisim Manager.

Main advantages
of our tele-indicatorsÚMEROS_TELEINDICADORES-57-1.png
High resolution

High resolution LED display to show high quality messages, images and videos. Possibility to connect stereo speakers to broadcast audio or safety warnings.ÚMEROS_TELEINDICADORES-58.png
Advertisim Manager

Program and update from the online content manager of Advertisim Manager globally, uniformly and in real time.ÚMEROS_TELEINDICADORES-59.png

Unlike Advertisim displays, the indicators support and display information from external sources other than Advertisim Manager.

Available models
Nayar AIO 48 y AIO 49
Nayar AIO 28
Available models
  • Nayar AIO 48 y AIO 49
  • Nayar AIO 28

The AIO 48 and AIO 49 products are specifically designed to meet the information, security and accessibility needs of public indoor venues. The large size of its screens, of 48 or 49 in stretch format, causes an impact on the user so they do not go unnoticed, and provide the public space with an innovative aspect and communication capacity.

The product Advertisim AIO 28 is a multimedia display with connection to the elevator maneuver that is installed inside a lift cabin or in the corridor. They have an indoor version and an outdoor version for elevators with direct access to the street.

It allows to disseminate contents of the operation of the elevator or external information through a high resolution LED screen of 28 in stretch format and the integration of stereo speakers to be able to perform voice synthesis of plant number, as well as potential safety warnings and signs of the movement of the elevator, for example: «opening doors», «closing doors», «elevator going up» or «elevator going down». It is also able to associate information relating to each floor of the route and transmit it with a visual or acoustic message, for example: «floor 1» or «restaurant».

Widgets available
with Advertisim Manager

Configure the device from the Advertisim Manager platform and customize a large number of options related to the appearance or layout of the screen, deciding the size, layout and appearance of the elements or widgets that are played on it.

Media zone for playback of user-owned videos or photos
Text-mode news broadcast from a source chosen by the user
Broadcast news in image mode from a source chosen by the user

Meteorological information area
The installation information
Client’s logo
Airport information
Alert management

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