companyNayar's technological challenge takes first and second place in the final of Hackathon Castellón 2024 | Nayar Systems

27 May, 2024

The event, an initiative of Xarxatec, was held on 24 May in the El Grau hall in Port Castelló, in the presence of 200 people.

Nayar proposed the development of an intelligent agriculture system for urban gardens, an option chosen by several of the finalist groups, winning in the VET and Universities category.

Hackathon Castellón 2024 finished its eighth edition, held in the El Grau hall, having attracted 150 participants (of which 9 projects were selected as finalists and presented their proposal at the event) and nearly 200 attendees. The projects, classified into three categories – Schools and Institutes, Vocational Training and Universities, and Professionals – and under the overall theme “Digital transformation for a positive impact on society”, responded to the technological challenges posed by the sponsors of the event; Nayar’s project was one of the most popular among the finalists.

Specifically, in the VET and University category, the HackerSpace Castellón group won first prize with its app Plantify, with the Green IQ team in second place with Farmbot, an IoT system to improve the efficiency and productivity of urban agriculture. Likewise, in the Professional category, it was the group The Teachers who won second place with Bitcultiva, a solution for school gardens; all of them under the challenge of Nayar, consisting of the development of a smart agriculture system for urban gardens.

The ranking of the winners was as follows:

Schools and Institutes category:

  1. Techkids Innovators
  2. 6º Primaria San Cristóbal
  3. San Cristóbal (ESO)

VET and University category:

  1. HackerSpace Castellón (HackCS)
  2. GreenIQ
  3. First Line Devs

Professional Category:

  1. Hunters Lab
  2. The Teachers
  3. Marj!

The event ended with the words of Begoña Carrasco, Mayoress of Castellón, highlighting the talent of Castellón and “underlining the importance of institutional support for the growth of the local technology sector”.

Hackathon Castellón is an event created by Xarxatec and supported by the City Council of Castellón and the companies FACSA, Cuatroochenta, Nayar, IoTsens, CoolMod with the collaboration of Unimat Prevención, Eventscase, Fundación Universitat Jaume I – Empresa, NDCS Networking Directivas Castellón, PortCastelló, Colegio Oficial de Ingeniería e Informática de la Comunidad Valenciana, Cámara de Comercio de Castellón.