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2021 was a year full of new developments and new products for Nayar Systems, who enhanced their portfolio of IoT solutions. During 2021, Nayar Systems launched new devices that have become essential for the lifting sector and improved their existing ones, in order to provide the highest quality to its customers and promote welfare of...


Thanks to this integration and the M2CS API know-how provided by Carlos Silva, Nayar Systems has extended the compatibility of its remote management platforms. Carlos Silva and Nayar Systems have joined their technological know-how to offer Nayar Systems’ customers remote management services for elevators equipped with HIDRA Classic, HIDRA Crono and KDT EVO systems, already...


Energy efficiency is gaining prominence in recent years, leading to the exploration of new ways of generating and managing electricity. In this new paradigm, the companies Beltrán Ascensores, Epic Power and Nayar Systems, all members of AECAE – Association of Component Companies for Lifting Devices, have joined in consortium. This consortium gained a favorable resolution...


The National Association of Emotional Intelligence (ASNIE) will hold its conferences, workshops, and masterclasses at Nayar Systems Building throughout the year 2022.  As a result of the collaboration agreement reached between Nayar and the Association, this free space reflects the commitment of Nayar Systems to disseminate and ensure emotional intelligence in organizations. On February 19...


companyWhy Pulse?

3 February, 2022

The universal contactless call solution for elevators is the result of a collaboration between Fundación ONCE, FEEDA and Nayar Systems. Pulse is a free application to call elevators without contact, which allows anyone, with or without disabilities, to use the elevator through their Smartphone and without having to press the buttons in the cabin. Despite...


The companies Nayar Systems and SemanticBots, linked to Espaitec, the Scientific and Technological Park of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló, offer technological solutions to facilitate accessibility for the elderly or people with disabilities. The technology companies Nayar Systems and SemanticBots are developing innovative projects to improve accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities....


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