Nayar's Advertisim device is now 100% compatible with Carlos Silva's technology, offering more benefits to the end user | Nayar Systems

22 February, 2024

The communication protocol owned by Carlos Silva has been incorporated into Nayar’s Advertisim devices, so that they can connect using the communication protocol used in their controllers.

Thanks to the success of this compatibility, users benefit from the technology developed by Carlos Silva, as well as the added quality and design and the online content management platform offered by Nayar.

It was announced at the end of 2022, and it has been achieved. The Carlos Silva and Nayar technology companies have completed the project of total technological compatibility which, it should be remembered, began that same year, benefiting customers with unified control of their entire fleet of elevators on a single platform (net4machines), also offering access to Carlos Silva’s M2CS remote elevator management service and all its maintenance tools. Following this announcement, and with the focus on a collaborative career path that will bring numerous advantages to the elevator sector, both companies opted for a new core of compatibility that is now a reality: Advertisim.

Advertisim is Nayar’s own device with real-time connectivity capable of displaying elevator information and advertisement content, with remote management centralized on a single platform, regardless of the country in which the user and/or the device are located, providing information to users and guaranteeing an excellent passenger experience; having achieved, moreover, it is a product fully integrated into the push button panel. Advertisim is 4G, being also compatible with 3G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. Currently, thanks to this joint project, the compatibility of Advertisim with Carlos Silva’s controllers has been finished.

In the words of José Luis Sanchis, CMO of Nayar: “After a period of collaboration and integrations, we have achieved an important milestone thanks to the efforts of both companies, which is the integration of our product Advertisim in new products for new installations or modernisations by Carlos Silva. What we have achieved is that all the functionalities presented by Advertisim are fully compatible with the information from the Carlos Silva panel. In this way, the client benefits from the technology developed by Carlos Silva over the years, given that it can be displayed on the screen -they can see information on floors and regulations, special signs or alerts, personalised warnings, headlines, weather information, images, videos or multimedia news, among others- and also benefit from the design, image quality and management platform that the Nayar team has developed over the last ten years. The client can make use of this platform, Advertisim Manager, through online access and transmit all these advantages to the end client, who can manage the contents of the multimedia screen on their own”.

A milestone that reinforces the commitment of both technologies to continue taking advantage of common synergies to provide the elevator sector with technologies capable of meeting the challenges of the global market.

Josep Corrons, CEO, Executive of Carlos Silva, said: “We are aware of the complexity of managing the maintenance of a fleet of elevators from different manufacturers, each with its own remote access applications, and precisely for this reason we offer the M2CS service for remote management of elevators equipped with our HIDRA Crono, KDT Evo and HIDRA Classic controls which, in addition to the multiple functionalities, also offers great interconnection capacity with other remote management platforms such as Nayar’s net4machines (n4m), with whom we share the objective of offering the sector flexible, versatile and innovative solutions. The compatibility and integration achieved with Nayar’s Advertisim devices is another step towards this objective shared by both companies, in this case focused on simplifying the tasks of configuring lift-related information and offering elevator occupants more complete and coherent indications. We know that the maintenance of an elevator park is still complex, but with Nayar and Carlos Silva it may be a little less so”.