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26 abril, 2019


Everything started from the dream of sharing their technological knowledge with society, working for the common good. Over a decade of professional work has brought growth, recognition, internationalization and consolidation, as well as a very anticipated new offices opening, due June 2019. The new offices building will dedicate 2,000 m2 to research, innovation, connectivity and talent. A dream whose ambition has made it a reality.

Nayar Systems Building will thus become the company’s headquarters, housing over 200 jobs in the heart of the city of Castelló. It will also stand as one of the main technological centers specialized in Internet of Things of the Valencian Community. Over the course of its twelve years, the company has shown that it is committed to talent, young people and to the province of Castellón. And it takes inspiration from large corporations such as Apple, Google or Microsoft, turning their headquarters into a place where professionals desire to work at, and where creativity and innovation flow.

Nayar Systems Building has a slide connecting the first and ground floors, a playful element that encourages its 55 employees to enjoy their work environment and feel at ease. The basement of the building was converted in a recreation area where the staff can eat, rest and play, generating a positive emotional culture that fosters greater productivity. Within the framework of collaborative environment that the company has created to attract and retain talent, Nayar Systems will implement a project to foster young people from Castellón with good ideas to follow their dreams, under the supervision of professionals with extensive experience. It is worth noting that the company is committed to mentoring technological projects in Castellón, and is one of the organizers of Hackathon Castellón, stimulating a creativity ecosystem.

The new headquarters also have an auditorium with capacity for more than 100 people, designed to make the company a place of convergence for talks and conferences where national and international experts will be able to share their knowledge with society. Acquiring and processing technological knowledge is part of the company’s DNA, and innovation its foundation. Therefore, the company has created a Nayar Systems Garage, dedicated exclusively to research, testing and development, keeping its capacity to innovate alive.

Due to all the above, the company’s board has turned Nayar Systems Building into the most powerful IoT research center in the Valencian Community and one of the most advanced business and technological venues in the country, both for the innovative headquarters and for the 2,000 m2 dedicated to the research and development of IoT solutions in the elevators industry.

On top of it all, Nayar Systems continues its international expansion, over 31 countries around the world. The company currently has 5 business firms: 72horas, specialized in M2M communication for the elevator’s industry and European leader in mobile line supply and management of the EN 81-28 standard; Advertisim, the first device on the market with real-time connectivity, capable of displaying advertising content and information on elevators; Net4machines, an provider of industrial IoT services that offers a secure network for transmitting registered data, and a platform to manage, process and transform them into understandable information to the user; GSR · Gsm Smart Router, the first IoT communication device for the elevators industry that offers a 360 degree solution to connect all the devices of an elevator through a single SIM card; and Nearkey, a access control system through the cloud that gives users the power to grant or restrict access to real places, or determine access time windows.

After purchasing of the historic Saborit building in 2016 which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and was abandoned over twenty years, Nayar Systems has spent 3 years immersed in its rehabilitation. Located on Casalduch avenue number 9, the building was designed by architect Francisco Maristany Casajuana. The building, now rebaptized as Nayar Systems Building, has been completely renovated while respecting its post-war architecture of the 1940s.

Nayar Systems has fought hard to build its dream and it is coming true.

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