companyNayar Systems presents the video tutorial of Advertisim Manager

14 September, 2016

Advertisim fulfils commitment with clients, making possible a total control over its devices and customized appearance.

When Nayar Systems launched Advertisim on the market, knew that a new window has open before connectivity. During the years the company invested all its technological innovation, to attend clients demand and provide a full control over communications in real time.

Advertisim Manager is an on-line content management platform that allows real time and global control over any Advertisim device. Logg in at with no need of any additional software that increases maintenance costs and problems for technical restrictions.

Users can store any type of content on the cloud through Advertisim Manager, with no volume limits, even if content is not reproduced at the moment. This allows to have unlimited access to any videos and images and to process them in a very simple way.

The company has launched a new video-tutorial on Advertisim Manager that brings it closer to users and makes possible for them to understand and optimize the tool. The tutorial will be available for any user to consult and be informed on the correct funcioning.

A great new development of Advertisim R&D team is Advertisim Designer, integrated to Advertisim Manager, brings the opportunity to customize the appearance of any display. Each user can create its own new skin, adding, changing, cropping and updating different elements. This new functionality allows to establish a corporate visualization for each company, adjusting with wide flexibility to any colours or trademarks.

When a new skin is set up, users can update only one or multiple devices and any future alterations will be displayed immediately on the Advertisim screen. It is very simple and highly flexible to assing any multimedia content to any display. Also, it is very important to emphasize that users can program when (time and date) to initiate and finish the display and choose a level of priority within the broadcast cycle. Users can customize local weather and news information, text messages, image messages, corporate videos, wallpaper image.

Advertisim Manager allows users to verify the display content iand visualize a real team scrrenshot. Clients can control any devices, regardless of its geographic location and also manage and organize multiple users in a hierarchy to share contents and management of different devices.

Advertisim Manager and Designer have been warmly welcomed by the numerous Advertisim clients in hotel chains worldwide. These tools provide what any business needs to manage devices worlwide with centralized approach, preserving its corporate identity.

Once again Advertisim welcomes the connectivity with innovation spirit and increasing the trust and loyalty of users and companies that see these tools and devices as an opportunity for a new powerful communication and advertisement channel that constantly improves technological developments.

Welcome to the connectivity!

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