companyNayar Systems team successfully closed 2016 and presented objectives

3 April, 2017


On March 28, Nayar Systems brought together all their team in a meeting to present the results and upcoming objectives of the company. This meeting was attended by the company’s board, business representatives from Portugal, Germany and different parts of Spain, as well as the rest of its workers, who are currently distributed in two different venues. Nayar Systems new offices are under construction and when completed, will house the entire staff, holding capacity for 200 employees.

In this meeting the economic results of the 2016 financial year and the innovations Nayar Systems achieved were presented. Likewise, the head of each of the departments presented the objectives for 2017 and their corresponding action plan.

2017 will be an important year for Nayar Systems, as the company will reach their 10th anniversary. Thus, in the meeting a special attention was given to the celebration of this great milestone, along with the communication campaign of another important event of 2017: Nayar System’s participation at the Interlift fair. In fact, as a scoop, the company’s participants were shown the stand designed for this special occasion. Finally, the new members of the team were welcomed and invited to keep dreaming and working on their dreams, so that Nayar Systems remains at the forefront of the telecomm industry.