companyWhy Pulse? | Nayar Systems

3 February, 2022

The universal contactless call solution for elevators is the result of a collaboration between Fundación ONCE, FEEDA and Nayar Systems.

Pulse is a free application to call elevators without contact, which allows anyone, with or without disabilities, to use the elevator through their Smartphone and without having to press the buttons in the cabin. Despite the fact that the elevator is the most widely used means of transport in the world, its use has been a barrier for part of the population. For this reason, ONCE Foundation, the Spanish Elevator Business Federation (FEEDA) and Nayar Systems have joined forces in this project that facilitates elevator accessibility for society as a whole and, especially, for groups with disabilities or reduced mobility, offering a universal technological solution that allows all users to access any elevator, regardless of its manufacturer.

Its operation is really simple: the user only has to stand at a distance of less than five meters from the elevator and activate it with their cell phone, without having to press the elevator’s button panel. Thus, with three simple steps, Pulse is ready to be used: 1). Open the App on your Smartphone, 2). Select in the App the elevator and the floor you want to go to, and 3). Enter the elevator and confirm that you are inside.

Pulse has been designed to facilitate the use of the elevator for all users, which is why it has: voice assistants to call the elevator through voice commands; elevator location function, which lets you know where it is through sound signals; external keyboards that improve the experience for users with mobility problems; compatibility with reading assistants (operating with VoiceOver and TalkBack); as well as dark mode and high contrast that improve the user experience for people with reduced vision.

Why Pulse? Because you can use the elevator autonomously, whether or not you have a disability; because accessibility is universal and you avoid physically pressing the car’s button panel, thus minimizing the possibility of contagion by contact. In addition, its use is extremely simple, with only three steps through the mobile application to achieve full autonomy in the use of the elevator.

 Pulse is an application based on Nayar Systems’ Virtual Accesible COP, an exclusive development of the Castellón-based tech company, based on Bluetooth technology, which guarantees an optimal connection compatible with smartphones, even in basements. For a proper operation, all the elevator maintenance company has got to do is installing a Virtual Accesible COP device in the elevator car and on each floor, allowing the user to move freely through the building using the elevator.

Today, Pulse is the only accessible solution on the market; an inclusive technological solution that breaks down barriers to ensure the use of the elevator to the whole of society. This was possible through the union of Nayar Systems developing its technology, ONCE Foundation providing knowledge on accessibility, and FEEDA transmitting the interests and needs of the elevator sector.

You can download the Pulse App on Google Play and App Store.