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13 December, 2020

The Spanish company Nayar Systems opened its office in Shanghai in 2019 to be able to give local support to the companies with which it collaborates globally and to expand its activities with new companies in Asia Pacific. Many companies supported them at the beginning of their activities in the Asian market, making it possible to improve the efficiency of the lifting sector thanks to the joint effort of all. Gradually, the Nayar Systems team in China, supported by the rest of the workforce operating from Spain, has been growing and offering better support to its local clients, collaborating both with companies located in China and in other geographical areas of Asia Pacific.

In recent years, the Chinese market has become the largest in the lifting sector, with around 600,000 new elevators installed each year. And without a doubt, the IoT in China has become one of the fundamental pillars for its development. Elevator manufacturers, maintenance companies, distributors, neighbourhood communities, local and national authorities (…), all of them are aware of the importance and advantages that the IoT offers.

Today in China there is a recommended regulation GB / T 24476-2017 at the national level that specifies the use of IoT for elevators and escalators. In addition, there are provincial regulations that are beginning to be implemented in different cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou or Shenzhen, to offer a series of more detailed and specific premises about the type of information and services that one wants to obtain from elevators through the use of the IoT. Such regulation is beginning to be mandatory in some cases. For this reason, Nayar Systems works directly with companies to meet these needs at the regulatory level, which results in increased safety in elevators.

Nayar Systems technology becomes especially useful for companies in China since the Spanish company can offer services globally. And it is that many Chinese companies are interested in increasing their exports and one of the main difficulties they encounter lies in the after-sales service of their elevators. In this way, the use of technology in a global way allows them to see in real-time what is happening in their elevators manufactured in China but installed in another country, and therefore, in the case of detecting a problem, finding a solution quickly to identify and fix it even before your distributor and agent in the destination country is aware of it.

Thanks to the use of the Nayar Systems GSR device, it is possible to increase the uptime of elevators and escalators, as well as to reduce the cost of maintenance. For its part, the net4machines platform from Nayar Systems offers the possibility of giving access to thousands of users, with information profiles of different levels. In this way, the manufacturer can have access to all its elevators installed with this technology and, in turn, that its network of distributors and agents only have access to the elevators installed by them. Another notable feature is to display the remote control, as it not only allows the use of the “service tool” virtually but also enables access to all the information that it could offer if the technician were on site.

Therefore, the advantages of using Nayar Systems technology are visible and palpable, and customers obtain benefits from the first day of installation. In addition, with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, the company offers predictive maintenance that generates a more significant advantage to its customers, since they are able to predict when it will be necessary to change an elevator component before it breaks down.

The benefits obtained are changing the behaviour of elevator maintenance. Maintenance begins to be more proactive and less reactive; Failures are being detected before they occur and this greatly facilitates maintenance technicians’ time management, as it allows them to increase their productivity and minimize the risks of elevator failure or breakdown. Companies in charge of maintenance want to achieve a planned “downtime”, deciding when to carry out the maintenance visit for elevators and escalators, and having a visit planning that is not disturbed by unexpected errors. Precisely, the solutions that Nayar Systems offers guarantee your success.

In short, elevator companies in China currently have at their disposal the global technology of the company Nayar Systems, which brings them immediate benefits. Nayar Systems offers global connectivity and unique functionalities in the market that no one else is able to offer, providing added value to customers and IoT users in the elevator sector.

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