magazineNearkey: an intelligent and secure access control from your smartphone

23 October, 2019

Nayar Systems will arrive at Interlift with a novelty. The company will present Nearkey, a new, highly secure access control for opening electric doors, adding another solution to the multiple options it offers to the elevators and industrial IoT sectors.

Nearkey is a system for opening electric doors through smartphones, without the need for Wi-Fi or 3G connection and without canceling other opening systems. Nearkey was born in Nayar Systems Garage, the company’s innovation department, and provides a cloud management of users and groups, guaranteeing maximum security in the facilities. In fact, security is the most important quality that the company attributes to this system, generating keys by means of elliptical curve algorithms, as well as unique and non-transferable access keys.

Operating Nearkey is simple and easy secure access control, as it allows you to open all doors using the same application, without the need for keys or remote controls. Its user has total access control, knowing who enters and leaves a premise; managing permissions from the cloud and immediately granting access. Because Nearkey also allows the user to restrict or grant temporary access, it is an intelligent tool that gives added value to its user.