Nayar Systems celebrates 10 years and will create an IoT research center

22 May, 2017


The telecommunication engineering company celebrates its tenth anniversary and presents their project IoT research center to generate numerous jobs in the city.

Nayar Systems celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Their professional career started in 2007 with three partners, with their 72horas brand operating at national level and on landlines only. But soon after the company experienced a very important evolution. Throughout these 10 years of professional career, the company has received numerous awards, including the Focus Innova Award for the best innovative business trajectory of the Region of Valencia, the STC award after the team’s stay in Silicon Valley and the Innovative SME label awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain. Also, it should be noted that Nayar Systems reached global agreements with leading telecommunications companies worldwide, offering their services in countries in Europe, America and Asia; Nayar Systems currently hosts three commercial brands, having revolutionized their sector with the technological innovations they have launched. The company firmly believes that investing in talent is investing in innovation, and as a result, it currently has a workforce of forty people, although this is a figure that is constantly increasing.

Precisely because of the importance that Nayar Systems give to their team of professionals, the company decided to celebrate its tenth anniversary with an event attended by all employees, family and friends. The event took place in La Bohemia, a space dedicated to creativity, reflecting the identity of the company. At the celebration, the board-members thanked all its workers for the effort and dedication with which they work day by day. During the event, they remembered their beginnings, where they only had a beach table as an office, and made special mention to the first employees, who continue to be at their side after a decade. They also made a fun flash forward imagining how they will be in ten years. Because Nayar Systems has it clear that the best is yet to come.

IoT research center

The tenth anniversary of Nayar Systems was also used as an opportunity to present a large project that will contribute positively to generate new jobs in Castellón. Nayar Systems has acquired the Saborit building, a building located on Avenida Casalduch number 9, which was designed by the architect Maristany. The building dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and has been in a state of neglect for more than 20 years. But now the building will become one of the main technological centers specialized in IoT research center “Internet of Things” in the province of Castellón, and in the Region of Valencia. In the hands of the prestigious architect Eduardo Gil, the historic building will be completely restored, while respecting its postwar architecture of the 1940s. This new center will house more than 200 jobs in the heart of the city of Castellón.

IoT research center

Nayar Systems’ new offices will have 2,000 square meters of research space, divided into its three existing floors, plus a new space at the top emulating the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which will provide a tech orientation with an avant-garde design. In this way, the property tries to transmit that the past and the future can and should live in full harmony.

In their new headquarters, the building will host an auditorium with capacity for more than 100 people, with the aim of making the building a place of lectures and conferences where personalities, both national and international, can share their knowledge with society.

In addition, the firm will allocate part of the space to create the first totally free job accelerator for the youth of Castellon, offering a workplace where talented young people with good ideas can work, start their dreams and prevent that the lack of resources do not cut their wings. These young people will be supervised by professionals with ample experience, who will be able to guide them to make the best decisions and take off.

After the purchase of the Saborit building in March 2016, the project has undergone several formalities. After Nayar Systems presented two projects to fit the needs of the City-Planning technicians, they now finally hold their technical approval, fulfilling thus the urban legislation in force.

IoT research center

After 9 months of hard work, the planning already is in its final phase, lacking only the approval by the Heritage Commission, a newly created advisory body which has taken more than 4 months to analyse the project, and is expected to approve it in the coming week so that the works can finally begin.

Nayar Systems, which is currently divided into two spaces, hopes to start construction as soon as June, as the lack of space is making it impossible for the company to hire new talent. From Nayar Systems they want to demonstrate their enthusiasm in undertaking this project and above all, they want to stir the center of Castellón with new job-posts, since they firmly believe that this the best way to create wealth for the city itself, and to make the heart of our capital known to the many visitors and clients of the company.

Nayar Systems is committed to talent, to young people and to the city of Castellón. Therefore, all those professionals with concerns in the world of telecommunications are invited join the Nayar Systems family by sending their CV to the following e-mail address:

Because the best is yet to come.