companyBeltrán Ascensores, Epic Power and Nayar Systems bet on energy efficiency and remote monitoring in the elevation sector by the hand of AECAE | Nayar Systems

28 February, 2022

Energy efficiency is gaining prominence in recent years, leading to the exploration of new ways of generating and managing electricity. In this new paradigm, the companies Beltrán Ascensores, Epic Power and Nayar Systems, all members of AECAE – Association of Component Companies for Lifting Devices, have joined in consortium. This consortium gained a favorable resolution from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Government of Spain to coordinate the development of a monitoring and Bigdata architecture to manage energy consumption in elevators powered by batteries of solar energy, which is expected to see the light in mid-2022. For this purpose, they will use a system developed by Epic Power (P2S) integrated into a platform developed by Nayar Systems, which will be then validated through a pilot test at the Beltrán Ascensores P2S elevator park.

The P2S system developed by Epic Power consists of an advanced power supply and energy saving system for elevators, thanks to which elevators with electric traction and with three-phase multi-brand drives can be fully powered through a single-phase, regenerative grid connection of a maximum of 500W. Optionally, the P2S system, which requires the inclusion of batteries, can be connected to two 300W solar panels to achieve close to zero consumption. As a result of the inclusion of energy accumulators, the elevators can operate for approximately one hundred times after a power failure. Through the data captured by the P2S  it is possible to determine the precise consumption of the elevators, the state of the batteries, the solar energy created and the energy regenerated by the elevator motor.

For its part, Nayar Systems has developed a telemetry system that allows elevator maintenance companies to remotely monitor their equipment (provided they are compatible with its technology), thus having the ability to receive and interpret the information of each installation. This is done through the multipurpose GSR device, which is connected to the controller and works as a link to the Internet and to the Nayar Systems cloud, net4machines. With this the Castellón-based technology company provides the direct collection and consultation of data from GSR, which provides both the communication logic with the different elevator devices, as well as the connectivity to upload the data obtained to the cloud.

At last, Beltrán Ascensores offers this technology as an integrating element in the market of rehabilitation and energy improvement of the existing building stock, interacting with the building and its neighbors and owners. With the use of solar energy, the elevator can become a generator element within the building, making it necessary to create the appropriate system so that the surplus energy created is used and rerouted towards other existing consumption elements. Thus, Beltrán Ascensores stands as a key element for the development of the system architecture, the programming of its various components and the development of pilot tests.

This product will bring a new way of understanding the elevator maintenance service, moving from a traditional maintenance service to a remote monitoring system based on IoT technologies, which will make maintenance predictions before failures happen and will allow actions to be taken accordingly. The new services generated with this product, which is expected to be ready by autumn 2022, will improve the flow of travel, speed, reliability and safety of maintenance, as well as the development of new applications and solutions for elevator maintenance.

Additionally, the project aims to incorporate a solution consisting of an energy hub to be installed in electric elevators. With this solution the excess energy generated by the elevators, the energy from low-power grid connections, or the energy of renewable sources (solar) can all be harnessed and stored to power other common needs of a residential building, thus reducing the building’s overall energy consumption. Besides, the system will significantly reduce standby consumption of the elevator, a state that involves significant energy losses. In short, with the elevators connected to the cloud, the control of its different elements can be guaranteed.

The project, coordinated by AECAE and developed by Beltrán Ascensores, Epic Power and Nayar Systems, will also have the collaboration of the University of Zaragoza, Sumun Comunicación Global, SolarIsWorld, as well as Diseños Electrónicos y Programación. Its development will have a great positive impact on multiple sectors, and it is expected to be presented at various European trade fairs.