companyCarlos Silva and Nayar Systems combine their know-how to integrate their platforms and unify remote elevator management networks | Nayar Systems

4 May, 2022

Thanks to this integration and the M2CS API know-how provided by Carlos Silva, Nayar Systems has extended the compatibility of its remote management platforms.

Carlos Silva and Nayar Systems have joined their technological know-how to offer Nayar Systems’ customers remote management services for elevators equipped with HIDRA Classic, HIDRA Crono and KDT EVO systems, already integrated with Carlos Silva’s M2CS tele-management platform. In so doing, Nayar Systems has managed to extend the compatibility of these systems with its net4machines platform; offering, in addition, access to the elevator remote management M2CS service and all its maintenance tools. Thus, thanks to Carlos Silva’s M2CS API know-how transfer agreement, Nayar Systems has managed to establish such compatibility with its own technological solutions.

As a result of this integration, customers benefit by having the control of their entire elevator fleet in a unified way on a single platform, being able to manage the information comfortably and permanently from net4machines Smart Control in a simple, autonomous and accessible way.

In the words of Ricard Bou, Strategic Accounts & Projects Director at Nayar Systems: “In general, when a controller of any brand is connected to our platform, its maintainer receives alerts whenever errors occur. If the connected elevator with the problem has a Carlos Silva controller, thanks to the platform integration we have done, the elevator operator can access the controller through our net4machines Smart Control platform, which provides secure access to the corresponding controller in M2CS. From now on, any net4machines Smart Control customer will be able to have an overview of their entire connected fleet, including Carlos Silva’s M2CS-integrated elevators.

The union of the technology companies Carlos Silva and Nayar Systems makes available to each user all the benefits of elevator tele-management, betting on extracting the maximum performance possible of all the information generated in a facility and ensuring its customers can have a park of IoT facilities, with interconnected smart elevators.

Josep Corrons, CEO, Executive of Carlos Silva, says: “With our control panels and our modular pre-installations, we have always wanted to facilitate the installation and maintenance of elevators. That was the sole reason for creating our M2CS remote management platform and all its tools. We would not be coherent if we did not recognize in Nayar a partner with whom we could share this same objective.”

Likewise, Nayar Systems will have in its online Store products marketed by Carlos Silva, acting as distributor; while, in parallel, he will do the same in their respective sales channels.