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2 March, 2023

In 2022, Nayar celebrated its fifteenth anniversary and launched new developments which allowed them to continue improving their IoT solutions portfolio.

2022 was an important year for Nayar. Their fifteenth anniversary was marked by a renewal of their brand identity and the launching of new solutions and essential functionalities for the lifting sector. Here is a review of the most significant achievements they recently made.


NayarSIM: A service making your life easier

NayarSIM is an easy-to-install smart SIM that saves elevator companies extra costs because they don’t have to change hardware. Technicians neither have to make calls nor program it. It suffices to simply insert NayarSIM to then press emergency to receive a call on the elevators switchboard. Because it works with the operator’s telephone network, the adaptation of the elevator park is carried out instantly and globally for the customer’s entire NayarSIM park. Likewise, NayarSIM guarantees the use of tele-alarms that otherwise presented coverage problems when programming, or had noise interference in the programming tones, or were impossible to program remotely; completely providing adequate compliance with the EN81-28 standard, since the test calls are still managed and received by Nayar.


net4machines Test Call EN81-28

Nayar’s flagship company has undergone significant improvements to the platform during 2022, resulting in improved customer service. On the one hand, the presentation of statistics in the net4machines Test Call EN81-28 dashboard has been modified, differentiating in the installation status graph not only those numbers that comply with regulations or not, and also those that provide a satisfactory line test. Another one of the most noteworthy aspects for the net4machines Test Call EN81-28 user is the possibility of consulting recent functionalities launches thanks to a pop-up window where new features are displayed. In addition, the technical view of the app has been improved, so that users can quickly visualize the installation in which they are, providing a more convenient access to the contact phone or chat with Technical Support, besides having a greater customization of the app, showing only the buttons corresponding to the services hired.



The most notable functionalities of GSR during 2022 have been: enabling customers to access raw data from their facilities, using GSR to transmit and process them in their own systems; deploying disconnection alerts in VoIP client in case of server disconnection, so that GSR monitors log messages and, in case of failure, generate an alert that is visible in net4machines Smart Control; implementing the IPBus module so that GSR can offer connectivity through the control line, just like the restriction of wifi traffic in GSR when using the offline configuration, so that no data is consumed (there are already customers receiving emergency calls in their PBXs via VoIP instead of voice), as well as the functionality of reporting via SMS of the operating mode (tele-alarm or GSM).


net4machines Smart Control

Always with the user’s convenience in mind, net4machines Smart Control has been improved so that alerts arrive earlier – a key maintenance functionality offered to the end customer. Likewise, the accuracy with which battery data is displayed has been improved, links in the dashboard’s pie chart which lead to viewing the installation with applied filters have been enabled, and a button to refresh the installation status has been included.

In addition, the integration of Nayar and Carlos Silva’s became a thing in 2022, expanding the compatibility of their remote management platforms.

The possibility of using telemetry with an external binary board connected to GSR, or displaying information on calls and tests performed by devices are other new features of the past year.



Advertisim devices were upgraded to 4G earlier this year, and the user permission system was modified to allow multiple SSO accounts for a single Advertisim user.


Virtual Accessible COP and Pulse

The Pulse app has continued to evolve and has now been translated into German, English, French and Portuguese, with a multi-language voice assistant. In addition, the app is able to communicate to the user when he has arrived at his destination floor.

It is also worth mentioning that the Community of Madrid recently announced that it will start the refurbishment of the Duque de Pastrana Metro station on line 9 next summer, equipping it with the Pulse system (a joint project with the ONCE Foundation and the Spanish Elevator Business Federation -FEEDA-), making it 100% accessible.


Moreover, in closing the cycle of Nayar novelties during the year 2022, it is worth mentioning the improvements of Nayar Store’s search engine, including new languages and product packs to expand user experience. An experience also optimized with a menu that allows scrolling between all platforms without the need for new logins, facilitating navigation through an SSO system.

2022 was a special year for Nayar, when it celebrated its fifteenth anniversary as Europe’s leading elevator IoT company. Already in 2023, the company continues to work to further connect the world through its technology solutions, making the ordinary extraordinary.