companyNayar launches its new service: NayarSIM | Nayar Systems

23 November, 2022

An intelligent SIM that provides maximum convenience to elevator companies, avoiding the change of telephony in elevators, reducing installation times and without involving any additional financial investment.

The technology company Nayar has just launched a new solution that reinforces the company’s premise of making life as easy as possible for elevator companies and their technical staff. NayarSIM is an intelligent SIM that allows to maintain the existing tele-alarm system in the elevators -as long as it works properly-, being especially interesting in cases where the customer holds a park of elevators and wishes to maintain the existing telephone systems, or in cases where the reprogramming of the tele-alarms may be affected by factors such as poor coverage or the impossibility of programming them remotely.

Once the elevator technician has a NayarSIM, the great advantage lies in the convenience it offers. From that moment on he no longer needs to call Nayar, nor program the tele-alarm, nor change the GSM. Just insert NayarSIM, press emergency and receive the call in the call center. Since NayarSIM works with the operator’s telephone network, the programming of the elevator park is carried out instantly and for the entire NayarSIM park, globally. Likewise, NayarSIM guarantees the use of tele-alarms that previously presented coverage problems when programming, noise in the programming tones or the impossibility of being programmed remotely; making it completely compliant with the EN81-28 standard, since the test calls are still managed and received in Nayar.

And all this, without involving any additional financial investment for the customer, since it is a free service already included in the monthly fee of 72hours, it does not involve a price increase. NayarSIM is the result of Nayar’s commitment and investment to remain at the forefront of innovation in the elevator sector and to provide continuous improvements that allow companies to have interconnected intelligent elevator parks. Nayar is constantly expanding its portfolio of products and services to provide solutions to the main problems of elevator maintenance companies: the time quota in maintenance, technical displacements and unnecessary economic investment in new communication devices. With NayarSIM, the company provides more services for the same price, helping to reduce hardware costs.

After fifteen years of professional trajectory, Nayar continues to lead the technological evolution of the sector and NayarSIM is once again proof of this. If you would like to receive more information, please contact us through our online form on the web and get receive a free sample: or write us an email to