companyNayar Systems and ONCE Foundation sign cooperation agreement to develop a universal accessibility program for people with disabilities | Nayar Systems

2 September, 2020

The goal of the agreement between both organizations is the cooperation and social inclusion of people with disabilities, developing a universal accessibility program in architectural terms and to guarantee equal opportunities.

Nayar Systems and ONCE Foundation have signed a cooperation agreement to implement measures and promote initiatives to support complete and effective social inclusion of people with disabilities. In particular, the actions executed by both parties will lead to achieve a universal accessibility for all people by promoting agenda to diffuse and improve the conditions of accessibility regarding architecture, through technological elements for activation, control and use.

Nayar Systems, a Spanish company expert in industrial IoT for the elevator sector, provides to ONCE Foundation all their technological know-how of more than 13 years of professional experience to support social inclusion and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. This way, the company will facilitate the universal accessibility to elevators, throughout their technology, making the use of elevators suitable for all people,  under the same conditions. Projects and solutions that are innovative, simple, safe and sustainable will be executed in technological developments which will guarantee universal accessibility and independence for people with disabilities. Nayar Systems goes by the hand of ONCE Foundation to achieve its goal to contribute for all people to be able to enjoy life completely and in all its aspects.

With this agreement, the ONCE Foundation assumes to organize different actions to promote universal accessibility, offering training through conferences and operating as a technical consultant in matters of universal accessibility  and design for all people in the field of buildings and constructed environments and also to promote actions in testing innovative and accessible solutions in urban areas. On the other hand, Nayar Systems will support the celebration of conferences to inform of accessibility in constructed environments and also  the launch of innovative technological products and solutions to improve accessibility to buildings and urban areas, focusing on the sector the company has been a European leader in: the elevator industry. Both organizations will also drive joint projects in the field of employment and education, as other additional activities they may consider convenient.

Universal accessibility is the standard that this agreement for cooperation is based on, always with the goal to execute in favor of making life easier for people with disabilities, guaranteeing their independence and full participation in all aspects of their life. According to Alexis Nadal, CEO of Nayar Systems: “In our company, we are very motivated to support accessibility within the elevator, making easier and viable their use thanks to our technology”. As for Jose Luis Martinez Donoso, General Director for ONCE Foundation: “These types of alliances allow us to take a firm step in promoting full inclusion of people with disabilities and to guarantee their rights”.

In the collaboration agreement between ONCE Foundation and Nayar Systems, Inserta Empleo Association will take a part when necessary. The Association is an organization within the ONCE Social Group and is an expert in developing programs for training, employment and consulting, especially aimed at strengthening the professional inclusion of people with disabilities. Ilunion, a corporate group responsible for ONCE Social Group and leader in Spain in professional inclusion of people with disabilities, will also participate in some of the activities of this agreement. The Group is present in numerous sectors and is an example for the provision of different services.