companyNayar Systems and PCCW Global sign a collaboration agreement

5 June, 2020

Nayar Systems and PCCW Global sign a collaboration agreement by which the Asian company enters the IoT sector of elevation, and the Spanish technology company ensures its global coverage in 120 countries.

The strategic agreement provides Nayar Systems with global coverage in more than one hundred countries with the same SIM, cost control and real-time traffic.

Nayar Systems and PCCW Global become technological partners, guaranteeing the expansion of both companies.

Nayar Systems, a Spanish company specialised in the industrial IOT sector for the elevation world, continues to strengthen its internationalisation process, which took an important logistical and qualitative leap forward in 2019 with the opening of its physical headquarters in Shanghai, China. It has recently partnered with PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, the main supplier of telecommunications services in Hong Kong, signing an agreement whose objective for Nayar Systems lies in the standardisation of the production process for the incorporation of SIMS with its corresponding reduction in time and costs, while, thanks to this collaboration, PCCW Global enters the IoT sector of the elevation world, where it did not have a presence until now. In this way, Nayar Systems becomes the first and only technological partner in the elevation sector of the large Asian group, already present in numerous industrial sectors such as transport or automobiles.

With this agreement, PCCW Global provides Nayar Systems with the SIMS for its IoT solutions, providing the global connectivity that guarantees the Spanish company the ability to offer a more complete IoT solution for its clients, who can activate them remotely and obtain 4G connectivity for the telemetry and remote control functions in elevators.

In this way, connectivity is no longer a logistical problem, since the SIMs are automatically registered in the country where they are installed. In the words of José Luis Sanchis, CMO of Nayar Systems, “this agreement will allow large and medium sized companies to increase their exports, providing after-sales service in real time to their clients. All problems related to lift connectivity are solved, as the manufacturer controls the condition of the lift at all times, without the installer having to deal with the problem of closing a deal with the local supplier”. Thus, the consumer is highly benefited by the agreement reached between Nayar Systems and PCCW Global, since they can have a device ready to operate at any time, since the SIMS provide connectivity.

PCCW Global, counting on Nayar Systems as its technological partner, has managed to expand into a new sector such as that of elevation, providing Nayar Systems with the IoT SIMs to be installed in the GSR IoT devices of the Spanish technology, and thus take maximum advantage of its IoT functionalities. Therefore, the strategic agreement reached by Nayar Systems and PCCW Global makes it possible, on the one hand, to reduce the cost of production with the corresponding benefit for the end client; to guarantee coverage with the same SIMs in 120 countries, and to control in real time the expenses and consumption; as well as to help the companies’ clients to improve their international after-sales services.

PCCW Global

PCCW Global

PCCW Global is the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s leading telecommunications service provider, majority owned by PCCW Limited. Covering more than 3,000 cities and 160 countries, PCCW Global’s network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications services including connectivity, applications and tailored solutions facilitated by its digital software-on-demand defined interconnection system. PCCW Global is based in Hong Kong, and maintains regional centres in Australia, Belgium, China, France, Greece, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. For more information on PCCW Global, please visit:

Nayar Systems

Nayar Systems is a telecommunications engineering company created in Spain thirteen years ago, with a current presence in 31 countries around the world (and physical headquarters in Spain and China), and with a firm commitment to investment in new technological developments. Focused on the elevation sector and the Internet of things industry, its experience and professional career have made it an ally for companies to achieve operational excellence, as it transforms the data of the facilities into information understandable to the user, works for the accessibility of knowledge and for the dissemination of technology. Nayar Systems has become a technological partner that offers its clients technical solutions to achieve operational excellence. For more information about Nayar Systems, please visit: