companyNayar Systems presents its GSR and revolutionizes the elevator sector

2 November, 2017


Big Data and Machine Learning go hand in hand thanks to the telecommunications engineering leader in IoT in the elevator sector

Nayar Systems has done it. The company had been announcing it for months: it was going to present at Interlift 2017 a totally innovative device that would change the course of the elevation sector, and the aesthetics of the stand would be completely breakthrough, the most shocking of the five previous editions in which Nayar Systems had participated. The Spanish company has hit the spot. In Hall 3 3136 of Messe Augsburg, Germany, there has been a real technological revolution in the hands of Nayar Systems.

 Interlift 2017 visitors have witnessed the end of GSM gateways and the birth of a new smart technology for the elevator sector. A resounding success that has aroused the interest of attendees visiting Nayar Systems’ stand. Visitors from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Korea, UAE, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore, Syria, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela; who didn’t want to miss the most important event of the elevator sector in the most international edition so far.

 The GSR device presented at Interlift 2017 is smart and universal router, which contains inside a complete computer based on an open source operating system which allows executing custom scripts. Thanks to GSR, Nayar Systems has welcomed the smart elevator, creating a comprehensive solution for all the sector’s needs. With a single SIM, Nayar Systems offers a connected elevator. Something totally revolutionary that the company has presented at Interlift under the claim Smart Lifts, Smart Lifes and that has allowed to open a new window of communication with the elevator.

GSR is a device that was born with the aim of becoming the center of communications and connectivity of each facility. One of its basic functionalities is to allow connection with any telealarm already existing to provide the cabin with a bidirectional communication system 3G / 4G. It is able to work with almost all the alarm systems available in the market (you do not need to change the terminal) allowing a complete integration with the 72 horas platform, the firm of the company; always under compliance with regulation EN 81.28.

 Moreover, GSR provides a telemetry service which allows the client to capture, analyze and transmit data from the lift maneuver table to the cloud, complemented with a Machine Learning service which brings along intelligence and learning ability to provide valuable and quality information to the client. Big Data and Machine Learning are two concepts that go hand in hand with GSR’s conception.

 It should be noted that the Nayar Systems GSR has a WIFI network available in the elevator shaft and it’s to this network that Advertisim connects, representing a savings in connectivity costs, since it’s not necessary the second SIM card for the display. GSR is the result of more than 2 years development and 400,000 euros of investment in software design made by Nayar Systems, who has always shared and universalize its knowledge, making GSR devices compatible with open source; something completely revolutionary in the sector.

 But the GSR was not the only scoop of the company. Nayar Systems took advantage of its presence at Interlift 2017 to present its new 10″ Advertisim display as well as the new Advertisim All in one 10E, which is the natural evolution of the product to compact and easy to install models. But for those installations where connection is not always possible, a new functionality was also presented, all screens incorporate an accelerometer / magnetometer that facilitates the floor selection without having to connect to the maneuver. Likewise, the connection of the high-definition Advertisim stereo speakers and the new 72horas platform were also presented on the fair.

 GSR + Advertisim + 72horas is the result of 10 years of struggling for a dream: a single SIM, an all connected elevator. And with this great success achieved at Interlift 2017, Nayar Systems is preparing for the achievement of new goals and challenges. Because he firmly believes in the concept: Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary. And because the best, is yet to come.


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Nayar Systems presents its GSR

Nayar Systems presents its GSR

Nayar Systems presents its GSR

Nayar Systems presents its GSR