companyNayar Systems celebrates its III internal convention

20 December, 2017


On December 16, employees of Nayar Systems participated in their third internal convention. As it happened with the two previous years, the entire convention was planned in secret in order to surprise participants, and nobody, except the department of communication and the company manager, had any information about it, so the expectations were high.

The venue chosen on this occasion was Gasma, the gastronomy and culinary management campus of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University, located in Castellón. The moment they got off the bus that picked them up at the city center, they were all were besieged by a group of “fans” and “journalists” who waited to receive them. To the cry of “you are extraordinary!”, the fans asked Nayar employees for autographs, photographs and hugged them while showing them banners that had been prepared for them; at the same time, journalists asked them a series of questions that made them laugh. The faces of the staff of Nayar Systems reflected the surprise, wonder and emotion that they were feeling at that moment.



After the initial impact, Nayar Systems employees entered Gasma to enjoy its third internal convention. The theme for this edition was emotional intelligence, and the importance it has for things such as the consolidation of teams, the creation of extraordinary relationships or gaining knowledge about its influence on collective mood. All these ideas were explored with a series of dynamics led by executive coach Kike Algora, and by Miguel Ángel Díaz, personal coach, senior management trainer and president of ASNIE – the Spanish National Association for Emotional Intelligence.

Before starting with the dynamics and giving way to the corporate part of the convention, however, the staff of Nayar Systems got to know the uniqueness and originality of this convention’s motif. They watched a highly emotional video showing that together they are able to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, that all together they become Homo Nayaris. But, what really is Homo Nayaris? It is an extraordinary evolution of Homo sapiens – that is, the sum of each one of Nayar employees, their collective. It is the capacity of Nayar employees Systems to do extraordinary things when the talent of all is catalyzed.

Once Homo Nayaris was discovered, the employees spent the morning with Kike Algora and Miguel Ángel Díaz, performing dynamics in different groups. From building feelings using Lego pieces, up to an acapella of the song “Oh, happy day” staged and interpreted by teams, they also went through a dynamic to identify those things that unite and separate all of them equally, reflecting on these issues.


Once the corporate part of the convention was over, a more playful part began: the staff of Nayar Systems took a guided tour to the Gasma facilities, which ended with a glass of cava in its cellar, built during the Civil War as an air raid shelter. Later, they enjoyed a twelve-course tasting menu in the restaurant of Gasma, overlooking its beautiful gardens and the concert of the musical group Simago Lemons.

It should also be noted that during the convention two people were congratulated for having worked for no less than five years in the company, that the staff received a gold pin that puts an end to 2017, the year of the tenth anniversary of Nayar Systems, and announces the kick start of 2018, the year in which they will fulfill their dream of returning to work together in their new offices.

Because the best is still to come.

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