companyYoung Values are awarded at the Radio Castellón Cadena Ser Awards

10 October, 2016

Radio Castellón Cadena Ser Awards

The telecom company sponsors the Young Talents category at the Radio Castellón Cadena Ser Awards.

The XIII Radio Castellón Cadena Ser Awards will take place on October 28th at University Jaume I Paranimf hall, with the participation of Nayar Systems as the sponsor of one of its awards. The Cadena Ser Awards started in 2004, aiming at promoting public recognition of those people who contributed with their work to bring social and economic development, and of the many businesses established in the province of Castellón. The awards gather business, public authorities, local celebrities and media of the entire province.

Nayar Systems has maintained a commitment with the province’s human capital through its Corporate Social Responsibility plan, having been a company highly implicated in the search and stimulation of talent; Nayar Systems continuously reinforces this commitment through the expansion of its workforce and its mentoring and projection projects for young professionals and/or newly created companies. Because of this, it is only natural for Nayar Systems to sponsor the Young talents award at the Cadena Ser Awards, making public yet again its commitment with the fresh talent in the province of Castellón.