Advertisim, now with 4G! | Nayar Systems

21 June, 2022

Nayar Advertisim displays are now 4G. A product evolution that does not affect its price and remains compatible with 3G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks – an announcement made by Nayar over Advertisim’s eighth anniversary and Nayar’s fifteenth year. Over the course of its professional career, Nayar has been commended by its broad portfolio of IoT developments and global solutions to elevator operators, making Nayar an essential strategic ally in the elevators industry.

Advertisim is a device with real-time connectivity capable of displaying elevator information and advertising content, regardless of the country where we are or where the device is located. Thus, it provides users with relevant information and guarantees an exceptional passenger experience; Advertisim offers, as well, a product fully integrated into the push button panel.

Where to buy it

Advertisim has an extensive portfolio of products available for purchase at Nayar Store – Nayar’s online store. You can access Nayar Store through: If you do not have an account yet, you can fill out the form available over the store’s home page and contact Nayar Marketing and Sales team to create an account, quick and easy.