Nayar, 15 years leading elevators’ IoT | Nayar Systems

16 May, 2022

The Castellón company celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with unrelenting growth, connecting the world with its technological solutions.

In 2019 Nayar inaugurated its headquarters in Castelló, Nayar Building, and in Shanghai. In 2022 Nayar renewed its brand identity, a new logo that represents a corporate and business evolution.

 Nayar (2007) has been in business for fifteen years, from its initial activities in the elevator sector up until becoming now a leading European company in IoT for elevators. This technological engineering company is responsible for providing its customers with global solutions in the elevation sector, accompanying its technological evolution so that elevator companies can have interconnected intelligent elevator fleets. Nayar proved to be an ally, as a strategic partner and technology provider that makes available to third party companies its extensive portfolio of IoT solutions, and all its technological knowledge and professional experience.

The company, with headquarters in Castellón de la Plana (Spain) and Shanghai (China), opened in 2019 Nayar Building, a historic building from the early twentieth century designed by Francisco Maristany and located in the center of the city of Castelló, which has not only become an innovative office, but also an important IoT research center nationwide. A slide that connects two floors, a world map with LED lighting presiding over the entrance, industrial swings on the work floors, R&D laboratories (…), all this is inside a cutting-edge office that houses the talent of a workforce that currently exceeds fifty employees.

The fifteenth anniversary of the company brings with it the evolution of the brand, from Nayar Systems to Nayar. A corporate evolution aligned to the evolution of its technological and business services. In its origins, the company focused on the mandatory compliance with the European standard for elevators EN81:28. Over the years it intensified this activity, to which other technological solutions were added. Some of them are screens of different formats to display advertising content in the elevator and devices to improve remote management of elevators through telemetry and remote control, transforming the data of the facilities in understandable information for the user, and remotely controlling and configuring the equipment.

More recently, Nayar has also taken the leap to provide and manage facility access from cell phones by generating unique and non-transferable keys. Besides, Nayar has developed a Virtual Accessible COP which, together with the free downloadable app Pulse, allows using the elevator from the cell phone, based on universal accessibility, and thus democratizing the use of the elevator for society as a whole.

Nayar faces the future with the goal of continuing to connect the world with its IoT solutions for the elevation sector and making life easier for its customers and society as a whole by making technological interconnection a limitless tool, making the ordinary extraordinary out of the ordinary.