Nayar Systems signs the Protocol of Accession to the Digital District of the Valencian Community | Nayar Systems

6 April, 2021

As a partner, Nayar Systems joins to the Thematic Projects Society of the Valencian Community, S.A.U. (SPTCV), being part of the largest innovation ecosystem in the Mediterranean.

Nayar Systems is already a partner of the Digital District of the Valencian Community. The company has signed the Protocol of Accession under which, the Thematic Projects Society of the Valencian Community, S.A.U. (hereinafter SPTCV), has the action called Digital District of the Valencian Community, a space that encourages the creation of a business network of digital and technological innovation, with the aim of generating wealth and quality employment in the field of new technologies, thus promoting the necessary development of the digital economy at the territorial level of our Community.

Nayar Systems, Spanish company specializing in the industrial IoT sector for the world of elevators, whose purpose is to facilitate technological solutions to the market, connects with the objectives of socioeconomic development and extension of digitization in the whole of the Valencian Community that pursues the SPTCV through Digital District, a project that would be able to use the competitive advantages of the Valencian Community to create a unique environment in which to host technological companies and talent. In this way, under the focus of attracting investment and talent from digital companies, Nayar Systems walks with SPTCV to favor and accelerate the development process of the Digital District’s goals, adding, in addition, the public will of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The Protocol of Accession to which Nayar Systems has joined as a partner has an initial duration of two years, extendable if there is mutual agreement of the parties. Its objectives are to create synergies between Digital District and external companies/institutions that want partnerships, with the aim of transforming the Valencian Community into a reference location for the attraction and establishment of innovative and technological companies; to generate a new iBusiness network that increases the employability of qualified personnel; retain the talent generated; support the development of innovation projects among Digital District companies; increase the competitiveness and internationalization of mature companies; and develop a service package that brings together innovative and/or technology based companies..

Nayar Systems is already part of the “Digital District” brand and, consequently, of the top digital economy companies in the Valencian Community, which has been confirmed as the headquarters of the technological transformation and the digital economy: the center of the largest innovation ecosystem in the Mediterranean.