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17 April, 2021

Nayar Systems works on a daily basis not only in the development and implementation of new IoT solutions, but in the improvement and updating of its consolidated products and services in order to offer maximum efficiency, excellence and competitiveness to its customers.

During the year 2020, the company has opted to improve accessibility to the information offered by its devices, in addition to expanding its functionalities and compatibilities. At the same time, customer service has been improved to be agile and effective at a time when companies like Nayar Systems have proven, more than ever, that they work for the well-being of people.


Unlimited connectivity: new features, increased control and real-time data

The net4machines Smart Control and GSR · Gsm Smart Router platforms convert data into useful information and transfer it to the user in a clear and totally secure way.

In case of net4machines Smart Control, the focus has been on a simple and more visual reading of the generated graphics and data. In addition, Nayar Systems has implemented new configuration functions that go through customization, control and permission management among users who have access to the platform.


New compatibilities in telemetry and remote control

In terms of telemetry and remote control, seven new compatibilities were added during the year 2020: the minispace and monospace models of the Kone brand, Via MP Series, the Schindler 3300 model, AS380 MCP Kleemann and AS380 MCP Step, in addition to the GECS ladders of the OTIS brand.

For its part, GSR Gsm Smart Router has adapted the tone generation to each country to strictly comply with international regulations. The new functionalities respond to the need to collect more information: data on the input voltage, type of coverage, roaming and IP on the net4machines Smart Control platform and battery alerts. It is now possible to restore factory values via SMS, adapt the device to all types of telealarms and implement the telealarms server locally. The new developments allow, finally, to manage voice calls and promote two-way communication.

Advertisim, finally, currently offers information on internet and wifi coverage and type of connectivity, and new releases are completed with addition of new protocols and the update of the OTIS protocol.


Technical support and assistance

Nayar Systems is aware that close and helpful support improves trust and helps customers and installers to better configure products.

For this reason, efforts in this department have been directed so much to streamline communication with the Technical Area through a chat accessible from the Nayar Systems application, to the generation of advocacy tickets to be more precise in the traceability of queries and, finally, to provide a quick and effective telephone service.


Regulatory compliance: more data and more accessible

72horas is the leading system in the strict compliance with the regulations EN81-28:2018. With 72horas Manager it is possible to have more control of the state of the mobile lines 72horas and have daily reports, now more complete and more personalized. In addition, it has opted for the visual improvement of its applications, as is the case of this platform that incorporates colors by telealarm, status and common incidents.


Access control: improved communication with the user

Nearkey is the device capable of opening electric doors using only Bluetooth technology and the smartphone. Nayar Systems has implemented in the last year improvements for the communication between the platform and the user as a greater effectiveness in the service of sending e-mails, the translation of messages in new languages such as Portuguese, German or French, and the identification of valid and invalid accounts, transmitting an error message in the latter case.

In addition, it is now possible to sort locks according to the set parameters (name, power, or appearance sequence) and API documentation is available for public use to clarify their technical performance.