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18 May, 2021

The company specializing in industrial IoT, Nayar Systems, becomes partner and technology provider of the Valencian startup Laky, to make the technology available to everyone.

The digitization of access and the focus on mobility and sustainability, in addition to putting technology at the service of everyday uses, are the foundations with which Laky works, an application that allows the mobile phone to become the digital keychain par excellence for any type of access in your daily life (parking, gates, pedestrian gates, etc.). The startup has developed its own software that allows you to securely share access in real time with other users by creating digital keys. Laky has taken as a hardware technology partner with Nayar Systems, a technology company with more than fourteen years of experience in providing IoT based solutions to the elevator and industrial sector. Nayar Systems has put all its knowledge, experience and innovation at the disposal of Laky, acting as a partner for technological development.

The collaboration of both companies is a mutual benefit, the possibility of nurturing their self with more knowledge and opening up to new audiences. It allows, on the one hand, that the developments of Nayar Systems, supported by the success of its professional trajectory and by its high degree of technological knowledge have a greater trajectory and support the digital transformation of society and, on the other hand, they enable Laky to launch an innovative idea that allow the user saves time and money, using a software that has been developed by the startup itself and that It has successfully launched into the national market.


Collaborative intelligence to face great social challenges

Ruth Remolar, CEO and co-founder of Laky, focuses on the collaborative model that, from the outset, has facilitated the work between both companies. In his words, “having Nayar Systems as a technology partner has meant the peace of mind of knowing that we can build our solution and our differential business model based on one of the most cutting-edge technologies”. In addition, Remolar assures that “sustainability is not an option. It is our responsibility as entrepreneurs, “and confirms Laky’s desire and commitment to put technology and innovation at the service of society, “going beyond what It is the sustainable model of mobility and contributing to the reduction of CO2”.

For his part, Alexis Nadal, CEO of Nayar Systems, celebrates this synergy and states that “the fact that someone can apply in a new vertical all the technology that we have developed in all these years brings much more value. In the end, at Nayar Systems we need to be in many sectors because the IoT is completely transversal“. Nadal confirms its objective to make technology available to all and guarantees that “Nayar Systems wants to be technology partners, make available to third companies all our knowledge and expertise. We can make life much easier for companies focused on innovation, because we can share all that technology and these years where we have been developing solutions”.

The immediate future of Laky is to position itself as a benchmark company in the digitization of accesses and advance in the line of sustainable mobility. For the development of this approach, it is open to industry partners who are committed to innovation. It will soon launch a campaign on the Kickstarter platform, so anyone who wants to join can contact the startup itself.

Nayar Systems continues, for its part, in a process of internationalization and expansion towards a greater diversity of sectors in which to apply, as technology partners, its solutions and business know-how. The company stands, in this way, as a technological supplier that walks hand in hand with other companies, constituting itself as an ally to achieve operational excellence.



About Laky

Laky is the solution that allows to digitize any access (pedestrian access, parking lots, gates, etc.) and allows to open from mobile phone and securely share access with other users in real time. In addition, it allows opening both remotely and by proximity and generate specific permissions for certain users both by accesses and by slots. The mobile application is focused on individuals, neighboring communities, residential homes with common spaces, recreational areas, etc. in its Laky Home modality and for all types of accesses of a company (entrance doors, parkings, warehouse, laboratory, etc.) in its Laky Business modality. The startup has been selected from more than 1,000 companies for the Traction program of the prestigious accelerator company LANZADERA. For more information about Laky, visit: or write to:


About Nayar Systems

Nayar Systems is a technological engineering company created in Spain fourteen years ago, with a current presence in 31 countries around the world (and physical headquarters in Spain and China), and with a firm commitment to investment in new technological developments. Leaders in the elevation sector and experts in offering solutions in Internet of Things industrial, her experience and professional trajectory have made her an ally, in a technological partner; because it transforms the data of the facilities into information understandable to the user, works for the accessibility of knowledge and for the technological dissemination. The objective of Nayar Systems by establishing itself as a partner and making its technological knowledge available to third companies is to support them in their technological evolution and to help them achieve excellence. For more information about Nayar Systems write to