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31 May, 2021
Based on a technology from Nayar Systems, Work o’clock was born to be a clear and intuitive alternative to sign, a transparent system for employers and workers that adapts to current regulations.


The platform will be available for free until August.


Work o’clock is an agile and functional response to the legal obligation for companies to record the working day of their employees through the workers signing. To facilitate management, Work o’clock allows users to connect through the online platform or mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, both with an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface, adapted for the visually impaired.

Among the most outstanding features, the tool collects data in real time, showing at a glance the workers who are operational and those who are not. In a single working day, it is possible to create different signings in, out and, even, pause.

With this system it is not necessary for the employee to check in from the office, since they can do so remotely by carrying a proper control of the hours worked. One of the advanced options of Work o’clock is, exactly, the geolocation, which offers the entrepreneur the possibility to know from which place each of its workers is registered.


Vacation planning

In addition to the schedule log, the platform includes a holiday manager that offers the possibility for the account administrator to create holiday calendars configured for the entire company or filtered by workplaces, departments or similar. Workers can request vacation days through the tool, as well as check their rest days or those of their colleagues. The person in charge of the administration will be who accept or reject the applications. In this way, the whole team has an overview of the configuration of the holiday periods.


Legal guarantee and other functionalities of interest

One of the obligations published in the Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 is to archive and keep day registration documentation for a period of four years. To facilitate this task of organization and control, Work o’clock makes available to companies a system for the generation of customizable reports. Employees, for their part, may upload their absence papers to the platform. In this way, the storage of information is useful and structured. Work o’clock stands as well as a legally valid tool, which not only complies with current regulations, but also guarantees its compliance in a convenient, simple and intuitive way.

In addition, and with the goal focused of system security, Work o’clock offers to its clients the possibility to develop their own integrations with access to the application’s API, managing the information as they wish.

Since the development of Work o’clock is based on a Nayar Systems technology, the time control tool can be paired with other company technology solutions. At the moment, it is possible to link it to Nearkey, a mobile phone access control system.

Work o’clock usage rates depend on the number of users in the company, however, registration is free in businesses of up to three users. As a launch promotion, the platform will be available free of charge until August, regardless of the number of employees in each company and as a way to become familiar with a solution that facilitates the day-to-day life of organizations and employees.

Access the following link to download Work o’clock for free:

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