companyAdvertisim adds Twitter’s widget, a new feature of the company

14 November, 2016

Twitter’s widget

Advertisim maintains it commitment to innovation and constant updating, fostered from its very beginning with the Twitter’s widget.

The moment Nayar Systems made available their new brand Advertisim, they were opening a new window to connectivity and, several years later, Advertisim has not let their users down, as it is always adding new features that allow their users to have better control over real time communication.

This is the case of Advertisim’s new feature: Twitter’s widget. With this widget, the user is able to see in their Advertisim screen the last tweets from any account they follow, or the last tweets with a determined hashtag. Through Advertisim Manager, the online plataform that manages the content of all the client’s screens, Advertisim allows their clients to set themselves what appears in their screen, instantly, globally. All this through their webpage, with no specific software needed.

Twitter’s widget is a new advancement for Advertisim, showing real-time tweets in every screen and allowing users to be informed at all times of content relevant to them.

Welcome to the connectivity!