companyAlexis Nadal, CEO of Nayar Systems, participates in the webinar "The road to the connected elevator, challenges and opportunities" | Nayar Systems

6 August, 2021

The company specialized in the design and development of M2M/IoT solutions and services, Alai Secure, in collaboration with the specialized media Revista del Ascensor, organized the webinar “The road to the connected elevator, challenges and opportunities”. In it, the new challenges in the construction of the elevator of the future were analyzed.

Alexis Nadal, CEO of Nayar Systems; Aldo Menéndez, manager of the Grupo Piso 7; and Carlos Valenciano, VP of Sales Latam de Alai Secure, participated in the online event, presented by Horacio Kamiñetzky, editor of the “Revista del Ascensor”.

Alexis Nadal explained the current state of the IoT in Spain and shared the experience of Nayar Systems in achieving the connected elevator. The CEO of telecommunications engineering, based on innovation, the quality of its technological solutions and the impulse of the IoT, highlighted that, currently, “In Spain there are approximately 1,100,000 elevators, which has created a strong industrial sector dedicated to this sector that, in turn, allows us to accumulate experience and be an international benchmark”. However, the state of the IoT in our country is incipient and the IoT connections throughout the elevator park are below 10%, most promoted by large multinational companies.

In a review of the origins and trajectory of Nayar Systems, Alexis Nadal stated that “at the center of our work is the customer, to whom we offer a 360º service” whose greatest value is that “we extract and take the elevator data in the own installation and transform it into information that we turn into knowledge”.

Also, Alexis Nadal, reviewed the advantages offered to companies by a connected elevator, especially with regard to “saving time and costs; alignment with the future, which goes through the internet connection and a greater value for the company” that translates into “efficiency, control and brand awareness”. To exemplify all this expertise, the CEO of Nayar Systems took the opportunity to emphasize the technology developed by the company to allow the connectivity of the elevator such as GSR · GSM Smart Router, net4machines Smart Control, Echotest and Advertisim, plus Nearkey and the 72 horas emergency system (net4machines Test Call EN81-28).

For his part, Aldo Menéndez developed his speech around the “panorama of the elevator sector in the region of Latam”, that is, Latin America, and Carlos Valenciano referred to the “connectivity and safety and the role of the Telco Operator as a strategic partner towards the connected elevator”.