companyNayar Systems improves the user experience of its corporate website | Nayar Systems

7 September, 2021

The company redesigns its website in order to bring its technology closer to the real needs of its customers.

The increasingly rapid pace at which the technology sector is evolving globally is highlighting the urgent need for companies to reflect on their business strategies to meet the new challenges ahead.

In this sense, the Nayar Systems team is clear about its objective: to put the needs of the user at the center of all its decisions. This involves rethinking how the company relates to the potential customer at all points of contact and at all stages of the process, from the first visit to the website to the last business meeting.

Precisely, Nayar Systems has been working in recent months on its corporate website, with the aim of improving the user experience, to facilitate the search for the technological solutions offered by the company, and to strengthen its position as strategic technology partners and allies. For all these reasons, the company has recently presented significant changes on its website, especially in the way of exposing to the audience its diverse and new products and services related to the lifting and industrial IoT sectors, whose business portfolio has been expanded and updated.

On the one hand, the services offered by the company, previously structured on the basis of its different commercial firms, are now presented as technological solutions, categorized into communication, accessibility and/or regulation. In this way, the website proposes a more empathetic and closer approach oriented to the real needs with which the client or potential client can feel identified, thus enabling synergies between the different firms to offer a global and more effective solution. It should also be noted that the company allocates considerable resources to make its technological solutions transversal, compatible and useful beyond the lifting sector. In this sense, the website opens the way to industry 4.0 to promote new business opportunities and to make visible the potential of the innovations that are being developed in the company.

On the other hand, one of the main novelties presented by Nayar Systems is the creation of its recent Projects department, led by Ricard Bou, Global Head of Strategic Projects of the company. The department, aimed at offering a personalized service to customers to provide tailor-made solutions in the field of digitalisation and IoT, also already has its own web space. It enhances the knowledge, capacity and experience of the company to adapt firmly to each challenge, and facilitates the decision-making of the potential client by explaining the different phases of work, as well as the possibilities of collaboration.

Finally, and in order to continue offering the most efficient, practical and valuable user experience possible, Nayar Systems will soon make available the technical documentation of its different technological solutions. With this decision, the customer who needs technical support can streamline the process, and find a solution quickly and effectively, avoiding calls or waiting times.

In short, with this web rethinking, Nayar Systems reinforces its premise of making life easier for people, putting technology at their service, making their technological solutions visible in a clear, close and honest way; and demonstrating, again, that understand perfectly the needs of its customers.