companyNayar bets for the talent of Castellón with its permanent support to Hackathon FACSA Castellón | Nayar Systems

30 August, 2022

Hackathon FACSA Castellón celebrates its seventh edition on November 4, 5 and 6, recovering its 100% face-to-face format over 48 hours of nonstop programming, with a change of location: Port Castelló (Grao de Castelló).

Nayar is the driving force behind Hackathon FACSA Castellón since its inception, having been one of the companies behind the entire project, which is an initiative of Xarxatec, the Association of Technology Companies of Castellón.

Hackathon FACSA Castellón is a living ecosystem of talent, innovation, cooperation and creativity. Under the umbrella of Xarxatec, it counts with the commitment of Nayar and all other companies behind the project – Cuatroochenta, IoTsens and Eventscase, along with the talent of Castellón. Once an initiative to attract talent, combine skills and come up with good ideas, Hackathon has now become a reputable meeting of programmers, a marathon of hackers who, year after year, enhance their creativity and work as a team to develop, in 48 hours, the best solutions to the technological challenges proposed.

The seventh edition of Hackathon FACSA Castellón will be held at Port Castelló (Grao de Castelló) on November 4, 5 and 6, recovering its 100% face-to-face format under the theme of digital empowerment.

In the course of its 7 years, Hackathon FACSA Castellón promoted the meeting of over 700 people, having created entrepreneurial projects that, today, have become companies. Some examples of winning solutions in the challenges proposed by Nayar include: a solution related to communication and Big Data by applying Nayar’s technology to manage devices from any web browser; a facial recognition project integrated into elevators to make passengers life easier by recognizing everyday situations with maximum autonomy; or an artificial intelligence system capable of classifying and recognizing images and logos and counts the value of coins and banknotes. The success of the Kid’s Hackathon is also noteworthy: offering about a hundred spots, it sells out in just a few hours every year. Besides, it has achieved an almost perfect gender parity between boys and girls registered (54% of boys compared to 46% of girls in the last edition).

Hackathon FACSA Castellón is an enriching experience in which participants share and test their knowledge, placing Castellón as a benchmark of technological innovation and consolidating itself as one of the best rated hackathons nationwide. Faithful to its commitment to technological talent and support to the innovation ecosystem in Castellón, Nayar not only firmly promotes this seventh edition; Nayar has increasingly incorporated participants to its workforce, exercising an effective talent recruitment, showing that participation can translate into a job for the best talents, regardless of winning or not.