companyNayar renews its collaboration agreement with FEEDA | Nayar Systems

24 August, 2022

Nayar has renewed the collaboration agreement with the Spanish Elevator Business Federation, which began just a year ago, in July 2021. In this way and after a satisfactory year, both entities reiterate their commitment to the established collaboration framework, through which Nayar compromised to provide training and dissemination of services to FEEDA associates. Meanwhile, the Federation, which comprises the elevators’ industry in Spain, maintains its goal of promoting safety, accessibility, energy saving and digitization among its members so that they are constantly informed of the latest advancements and developments in the area.

The technology company from Castellón, which this year has celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, is a European benchmark in IoT for elevators, having developed during its history numerous technological solutions focused on facilitating communication between elevators and their maintenance companies and staff. Thus, thanks to the IoT communication technology that Nayar makes available to its customers, companies in the elevators industry become active recipients of valuable information for the performance of their functions. Therefore, through the dissemination of its services as a partner company of FEEDA, Nayar guarantees improving opportunities and promoting the progress of the elevators industry.