companyTogether with Fundación ONCE and FEEDA, Nayar Systems launches PULSE, an app that guarantees universal accessibility for the elevators industry | Nayar Systems

29 November, 2021

PULSE is the result of the joint effort of the three entities to call the elevator through the Smartphone, without physically pressing the elevator’s buttons.

A great commitment to the independence of people with disabilities, contributing to a more equal society.

PULSE is an elevator call system via Smartphone that allows any person, with or without disabilities, to safely, comfortably and quickly access any elevator. PULSE normalizes the use of what is currently the most widely used means of transport on the planet and which, paradoxically, has been a barrier for part of the population. ONCE Foundation, Nayar Systems and the Spanish Elevator Business Federation (FEEDA) have joined forces in a project that facilitates elevator accessibility for society as a whole and, especially, for people with disabilities, advocating a technological solution that guarantees their independence in their daily lives.

Nayar Systems, a technological engineering company with fourteen years of experience in the lifting and industrial IoT sector, has developed the Accessible Virtual Button Panel (BVA) based on universal accessibility and integrated it into the PULSE app. This system guarantees an optimal and compatible connection with smartphones thanks to the short-range wireless technology that Nayar Systems has been researching and working on for more than three years. The company invested its technological know-how and the technical and human resources necessary to launch PULSE and make it a milestone development in the field of universal accessibility. In the process, it they counted on the advice of ONCE Foundation and the experience of FEEDA in the elevation sector. The three entities made a commitment to universal accessibility and to society in general, which has recently seen the light of day.

The operation of PULSE is very simple. Users only has to use the app to select the elevator, indicate which floor they want to go to, wait for the elevator to arrive and then confirm that they are inside.


PULSE brings numerous benefits to its user, including: its simple usability, since the user only must indicate the destination floor in the app; autonomy in the use of the elevator and the absence of physical contact with the buttons; as well as the elevator location function through sound. The app is highly accessible, having been developed following the WCAG 2.1 web content accessibility guidelines, and having incorporated notable improvements such as reading assistants, external keyboards, dark mode, or high contrast mode.


Companies operating elevators have benefited greatly from PULSE’s market arrival, since associating them with PULSE as a brand provides an image of technological modernity, and increases its corporate visibility, since the app allows the elevator to be customized with the elevator operator’s logo. Besides, PULSE provides a differentiating factor through its commitment to accessibility, being a universal solution since the system is compatible with any elevator. Moreover, it operates offline, so it is guaranteed in any environment. The system has no maintenance costs, and its configuration and management is simple, through net4machines, the IoT platform for the elevator from Nayar Systems. The system works by installing the BVA devices next to the elevator buttons (depending on whether it is for car or corridor, the BVA 12-relay or 2-relay device will be used, respectively). The elevator operator can configure the system using the net4machines platform, customizing the features for each elevator and including a logo. This is a commitment to the present and the future, always with the aim of advocating universal accessibility, for the common good of society and for cutting-edge technology in the elevators industry.


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